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September 02, 2011



Anyone from Nordjamb'75?The Nordic countries have hoestd the World Jamboree once before. As a Denmark-Finland-Iceland-Norway-Sweeden cooperation in Lillehammer, Norway in 1975.15 000 scouts from more than 100 countries participated. Pluss 3 000 nordic scouts (leaders, rangers, rovers, senior scouts) as hard-working-staff. Should we arrange an informal get-to-gether for Nordjamb staff members sometime during the 22WSJ in Rinkaby?Pls contact Bjf8rn Svensen at or call me at + 47 95 72 17 51. I was one of the two norwegians at the Camp Committee. If this idea has some support, I may set up a website and a chat arrangement for former Nordjambers.

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