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January 03, 2007


Ed Faulkner

At a bare minimum, it needs an up-to-date event calendar. That would make it useful enough for scouts and parents to actually check it. At the end of every PLC meeting someone needs to be assigned to update the calendar.

I know that WordPress has good plugins for implementing calendars. I'm sure other blog software has equivalents.

Make it easy for everyone to register and contribute. This is critical. Any scout, leader, or parent should have a simple process to get an account and start contributing.

This also extends to site administrators. There should be multiple people with the access and knowledge to keep things running. I'd be happy to be an assistant admin.

Think ahead to when the troop is travelling -- in the past that has been when we've had the most readership. Frequent posts from individual scouts (especially with photos) would be ideal.

Russ Bryant

don't forget to add your Gangshow details to your site and when you do send us an email and we will put a link on our site. also there is now a World Wide Forum for gangshows at www.gangshow.org.uk


s9QE6T Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. :)


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I would like to see that. This is my last year to do Pinewood derby with my youngest son. We love woikrng on the Make projects together. Other boys in the neighborhood are wanting to do the projects with us so we let them join in from time to time. I see them building more than a project when they work. They are becoming a group of young thinking men with a skill set that will aid them and others in the future. I am proud of them but the best part of all of this is the excitement and laughter they share. on said:I put together an adult pinewood derby this past March to raise money for Spina Bifida. The event was hosted at a local bar/lounge during happy hour and the track was placed right on top of the bar to make for easing viewing. There was no rules to the designs except that it could not exceed the length or width of a standard derby kit car and the cars could not be propelled by anything explosive.The cars people came with were great and some weighed a few pounds and one was powered by 12v computer fan. Despite all the designs the winner was a vintage car that a participant designed when he was in scouts in the 70 s. Go figure.

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