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January 26, 2006



ficamos felizes em tomar conhicemento da presene7a da famedlia real sueca no jamboree fato que demonstra a grandiosidade do evento e seu poder de influeancia nas condutas daqueles que sere3o os response1veis pelo futuro da humanidade.Nf3s,como brasileiros,nos sentimos orgulhosos e envolvidos por temos nossos filhos,Daniel e Cecedlia,como membros do contingente do Brasil.Paz,equiledbrio nas decisf5es e que o amor seja semeado entre todos.Daniel e Cecedlia


When I was a (young) Pathfinder leader I asked the young women in my group to wear their unfiroms (with optional jeans) to meetings unless we were doing something messy. Why? It made us visible to the other people using the facility where we met, it increased the girls' pride in belonging, they became less embarrassed about belonging, when we went out in public they knew how to wear their uniform (and could find it), and the parents were willing to invest in the uniform pieces since they were worn every week. The main reason I began to have them wear unfiroms were parents who asked why they should spend so much money on a uniform that was only worn a few times a year. I told the girls that if I was wearing my uniform (coming right from work), they could too. And that it showed that we were proud to be members of guiding (that generated some healthy discussion about self esteem!). Some complained that girls in others groups didn't wear their unfiroms, and I asked them if they wanted to join those groups and there was always a resounding NO. Once the girls got over their embarassment (which was the main reason they didn't want to wear their dorky uniform) the feeling of pride in the group increased.We had 22 girls in our group and they attended every week. We often had 100% attendance at camps and activities even with busy urban girls who had many other choices. When we went out in public the girls wore their unfiroms with pride and without a fuss. Many of those young women are still involved in Guiding as adults.Every unit is different, but if girls have a uniform, why not wear it?


Wow was the first thought that comes to mind when I read this article. You did a lot of hard work to make this interesting.


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