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October 15, 2010



It does seem a strong pioisbslity that some people are making too much of a living off the BSA program. Maybe the word thrifty in the Scout Law needs some new examination?Regardless, I am grateful for all the positive experiences I had in Scouting growing up and I know for a fact that Scouting is an essential program for our LDS kids here in Harlem.We will soon award our first eagle scout award and are hoping to see more follow. These kids grow up in a hyper-urban environment and Scouting is perhaps the main means we have to get them out camping and doing other valuable activities. Frankly, it's also a way to make sure our kids are off the streets and at our chapel on Friday nights. I've heard a horror story about what happened with one NYC kid who didn't show up to Scouts one night (though it wasn't, I believe, in our particular ward).I think we often think of Scouting as happening in a generally LDS environment in Utah and we worry about some people who are extreme Scouters or we worry about inequities that occur between the Young Men and Young Women programs. I can appreciate these kinds of concerns and sensitivities there seems to be some real basis to these complaints. But here in our context, Scouting is invaluable and I still believe it can be an ideal program anywhere if it's approached wisely and correctly.


I found the proper potrion of the Scouts Canada document:"Section 1000.3 -- In keeping with our fundamental principles Duty to God, Duty to Others, Duty to Self Scouts Canada is committed to social justice including the promotion of gender and member diversity at all levels of the organization, both in its structures and programs and to the elimination of discrimination on the groups of race, gender, ethnicity, financial ability, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age.It is imperative that all programs and services reflect Scouts Canada's commitment to social justice.Scouts Canada will make every effort to make its members and employee work force representative and reflective of the communities in which its services are provided."

Administrative Law

I read blog comments daily. It may not be until the next day, or even a day or two after that, but I do go back and look at comments for the last few days. I don't, however, subscribe to the comment feed. I suppose I should, but the feed is long enough as it is. Awesome posts with great insight. Thank You for the great read...

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