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May 03, 2010


Dr.Stuart Murray

Just wonderful to see the early Photograph of your 1932 Show.
I am writing a History of Gang Shows and will certainly include your Show.
On April 24 I had a piece included on the History of Gang Shows in the UK in a BBC Radio Programme here in London England.
I have no idea if it is possible for you to hear The Programme ?
Here are the details anyway
'Saturday Live' BBC Radio 4 from 9:00am - 10:00am.
Many Congratulations anyway.
All Best Wishes.
London England.

Randy Ritter

Dr. Murray,
My apologies for the late reply (at least I don't recall replying before). Thanks for your comments regarding our Scout Gang Show here in Derby, Connecticut. The show originally began as a Minstrel in 1922 and has been performed every year except for two during WW2 ever since. We combine minstrel style endmen with jokes, skits and old time songs, including several Ralph Reader songs each year. They are performed by our Cubs, Scouts and Venturers. We have one person, Rodman Kneen, who has participated in every show since 1932. I've been involved since I was a scout beginning in 1974 and I've been the director since the passing of Edmund D. Strang, in 1995. Ed directed the show for close to 70 years. I would be most interested in your History of Gang Show book and should you require any photos please let me know. Regards, Randy Ritter, Scoutmaster BSA Troop 3, PO Box 8, Derby, CT 06418


My boys (6th and 8th grade)love scouts, and they are very heivaly into sports. During Lacrosse season, they hardly go.(Unless it rains) During the winter they go every week and try to earn some badges Both say they are going to try and make Eagle, we'll see. We are hoping next year during 9th grade the older one will make more meetings as sports will be more in the afternoon. My kids have learned auto mechanics, first aid, they've shot shot guns and bow and arrows, camped in a tent without adults, met astronauts, made their own food, learned fire and axe safety, swam a mile, come home from a weekend camping trip smelly and dirty, and loving every minute. I'd say it was worth all the struggles getting them there, and it was way, way more fun than cub scouts.


Jambo, I was at the 13th World Scout Moot in Kenya 2010 and i would be happy to meet with my old friends and make new ones in the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden 2011 and make some fun. See you all in July Abdul K. Kamra (Ababay) from Sierra Leone.

Love Homecoming

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