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November 11, 2008



This is a very interesting rettrspecoive post. The thing about type 1 diabetes is that you never who may have it some may have had it since they were infants, others could have gotten it much, much later. It allows you to learn a lot from various people with different types of experience, and really start building a sense of community. It is essential that any cause, such as finding a cure for diabetes, has a united community behind it, and the stronger we grow, the better we will able to support each other and advocate on such important issues.


I love him!!! I have a blue metal bug and my mom has another kind of metal bug. Sometimes we steal each oehtrs and move them around. I have come to really love my little cratures in my garden. One day a frog was there and it was so real I screamed. My husband bought him!!I read up on the blog derby and that really sounds fun especially since I know absolutely nothing about the Kentucky Derby aside from horses and hats.I like hats.Have a happy Friday :-)


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