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November 12, 2007



With the cost of gas as high as it is, it costs me more in gas to go down town to buy a pamphlet then the cost of it. Add in the vaurois costs (costs in green terms) and one quickly sees that these little pamphlets have a VERY high cost to the world. Sure does not seem like they meet the requirements of the Scout Law. I know one family, as an example, that will not send their sons to scouts because the cost of most things is just to high. You priced an offical BSA shirt or pair of pants lately? Not consistent with the spirit of things. I came to this site because my son just started a new Eagle required merit badge and I wanted to find out more. Now I will have to wait until the weekend and waste far more time and money to get, yet another, pamphlet. This little gem will likely be outdated soon too. Just like the uniforms do, although you can wear the old ones just fine. Sigh .sorry, I do not want to rant.

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