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September 23, 2007



Plus, the Boy Scouts are considered a paariilmtary style group, with emphasis on preparedness, wilderness survival, and a strong showing for the shooting sports. That means you can get on more government lists! JayG, the famous blogger! Its like a DHS trifecta!Seriously, though, I learned a LOT in the Scouts. I had both kinds of Troop (we went through some re-organizing when I was about 16) and I learned what NOT to do as well. Guys that care are the core of the group, and the more involved parents are, the better the Troop does. I had a lousy group of leaders at first, and parents who considered Scouts to be some sort of babysitterless night out. When we got some real leaders, and involved parents, the whole thing got a lot better.


Oh this is the ABSOLUTE best!!!! This is my personal claim to fame! (although I stole' it from YOU!) BTW LOVE the new site and sooo THRILLED to be able to add my cotnmems' cause I check it EVERYDAY!!

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