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September 17, 2007



I have mixed feelings as well about sctuos. I was in girl sctuos and it was very important to me, until it became a popularity thing and then I didn't make the cut (competing troops). Just to further mess me up all of my kids are in scouting. My son isn't much into sports so scouting has been good physically (his troop is preparing for a trip to the Grand Canyon!) and they do a lot camping and hiking with full packs as well as a lot of civic projects. It's been a great source of pride for him to have a thing that he can do well. I keep an eye on the gay and religious issues though in our troops here those seem to be non issues entirely. (Utah was a different story-all of the troops were sponsored by the local wards-churches-and all of the meetings began and ended with prayers-aarrrgggghhh!)What really bugs me now though is the endless hawking of products to sell. While I love girl scout cookies as much as the next person, selling them and the other items is something that really bothers me on so many levels. But I let the kids participate and also let them know when and why some of the activities are things that our family doesn't agree with or support.Tracy (blogger won't accept me today-how rude)

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