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August 13, 2007


Debbie & Alex Oppel


Thanks for planning this wonderful trip! The castles, the pubs and restaurants, the shopping, the weather, Mary Poppins and Stomp, the countryside and all of the sheep to see were opportunities of a lifetime!

Debbie & Alex

Susan Stankye

What a fab trip! I couldn't say what I liked the best. Although Liverpool was a dream come true for this Beatle fan. My boys (all of them) in kilts was a sight!Thanks to all the people who made this trip a reality. What a vacation!!


Thanks Sarah! My daughter rellay loves being a Girl Scout! She "bridged" from Daisy to Brownie. They had a bridging ceremony and they even walked over a wooden bridge, it was cute! :)


Who do we deliver these bridhtay bags to at the Billings Food Bank? Is there a resource person in charge of this service project? Or do we just drop them off and they will know what the Birthday bags are about? Thanks for your help.


Okay, I have 4, so it's different. I AM DONE. It helps that I bayibst a year old and 2 7 year olds. I love returning them to their families daily ;)I even get a baby fix occasionally on weekends. Our Church's baby nursery has been maxed out. 12 babies. I work security in the building, it's part of my job to see if they need me to help page a parent when any child needs them. Often I walk over tot he nursery to check on the inconsolable child. I usually get handed a baby as soon as I walk up to the door.


OH I still need baby fixes. I think there is nothing like haivng a little one snuggled into the neck and you can smell their baby smell. That right there is what peace is...


Great to meet you guys!! What a wonderful faimly you have! I hope the team helped to cheer her up and she gets better soon! Hopefully we will see you guys again soon and maybe even on skates!! Tell Chloe we are thinking about her:)

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