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August 10, 2007


Katelyn Wentz

I miss you very much, but I am getting ready to leave of Ocean City! See you at the beach on Sunday night!
Love always, your loving sister, the one that you never wrote to on your trip, Katelyn.

Aunt Marylin

Hi Randy,
Looks like you are having a wonderful time and making many memories! Your photos are awesome (per usual) I think I even saw a cockatoo in the trees!!

Missed you Sunday - Jen & kids here for a beach day at Milford beach. Seined for shinners, caught some crabs, & flew kites - no wonder I'm pooped!

Keep those good stories and photos coming.
Love, Aunt Marylin

jimmy anderson

Randy thank you so much for planning this trip it was so much fun!!!! alot of hours on the bus but it was worth it ill never forget this. thank you so much!!!!im so glad to be home!

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