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August 04, 2007



Did you lose Mikey? Haven't seen him lately. Wish we were there with you guys. The trip looks beautiful.
Have fun!
Love Mom & Dad

Hello Jim & Jim Jim


Wish I was there looks like you had a great time in Scottland nice legs :) We miss you guy's Alex as well, but are so happy you are having a good time. Sorry I missed you call :(

Love you both,
Mom & Dixie


Hi Alex: Scotland was obviously beautiful. Now you are in Ireland, part of your family history. Take lots of pictures and have a good time. Miss you lots. Alex & Jimmy: Big Louie & Hart said YES you both have to wear your KILTS!!! They all say hi and can't wait for you two to be on duty again..........

Love you both, Mom, Dad, Michael, Kilo, and Kittie


Late one night on the way home from the pub a Scottsman realized he had had too many drinks. So he layed down on the side of the road to rest.At sunrise two lasses found him sleeping, one lasse said should we see if it is true, that a Scottsman doesn't wear anything under his kilt! After quietly making their observation one girl took the blue ribbon from her hair and tied him a nice bow.
When the Scottsman awoke he went to relieve himself of his drinks he had the night before, as he lifted his kilt he was quit surprised and he exclaimed"By gosh me boy I don't know where you've been last night,but it looks as thow you've won first prize."


Mikey H.
Looks like your having a great time. Love your kilt and red hair. Miss ya. Have fun.
Love mama,papa and Heather


wow bill who put together the html code on this it took me a couple minutes to find what went between "found again" and "memorial bridge" before I realized it was stuck to the side of a bloody picture but nice journal lol

Kim Wentz

Hi Chris! We miss you very much! Love all the pictures! I can't wait to see you in the kilt! Hope it wasn't truelly "authentic apparrel", if you know what I mean! Can't wait to see more updates!
Love, Mom

Kerstin Dupray

Chris....it looks like you all are having an awesome time. I am jealous. Love, Auntie

Mom B

Next time the cat goes with you!


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