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August 03, 2007


Sean Henri

Scotland is looking a lot more green than I remember!

Felicia Hughes

Alec, LOVE the kilt! See what you can discover about your surname, Hughes; find out if there is a Hughes "plaid!"

Enjoying so very much all the pictures and the scouts' diary entries! What an incredible trip!

Andrea Pokladowski


Who knew you'd look so good in a skirt? I am loving the spectacular scenery and the commentary as well. So happy for you all that the weather has turned beautiful in the British Isles...

Felicia Hughes

Have to tell..the day the troop left for the trip, Byron and I stopped at BJ's and there was a guy in line wearing a UTILIKILT!...right here in Derby! Talk about serendipity. So get ready guys, it's the new look.

Pam & Mark

Alex & Jimmy,

I'm sure you both will look so cute wearing your Kilts while marching with Storms on Memorial Day!!!


My God Scottland is BEAUTIFUL. You all are so lucky to be there ENJOY!

Love you guys,


Those are some fantastic images that you've captured, including the area around Hadrian’s Wall. Very gorgeous countryside.


Wow, this is just phenomenal. Damo Suzuki is my fartvioe Can vocalist, so these performances are great to hear. Thanks so much for sharing these. I didn't really know anything about Can until around 1996 I would guess. and then around 1998 all their classic albums got reissued in the US, which was like getting access to a gold mine for me.


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