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August 02, 2007



Baker, Mt Cadette Troop #2446 participated in the 100th arnevinsay “birthday in a bag” community service project. Our troop consists of 5 6th and 7th graders who put together 6 birthday bags! The bags were all done in blues, greens and black stripes as to not be gender specific and included Confetti cake mix, Confetti frosting, paper plates, paper napkins, candles, plastic sliverware, invitations, streamers, balloons, gift bags, thank-yous, and banners. And each girl made a home-made greeting card to send well wishes for the person who received the bag. All girls signed the cards and the bags were then delivered to our Community Cupboard. The bags were very well received and much appreciated!!!


Wow, EXPO 2009 was a teriffic event with ahtoner stellar showing by Pack 1491. Many thanks go out to our Expo Committee and all the volunteers who really stepped up this year. A special thank you goes out to Mike Hargrove, Mike Stefanick and Mike Rarer (now known as M3) who did Yeoman’s work for this event as they were there for setup, operation AND breakdown! THANKS MIKES and all the key people who made this happen!


I'm just wondering if sonemoe, a wife or husband, was allowed to protest with the locals in the foreign country that the service member and spouse are stationed? The spouse wouldn't say she/he was affiliated with sonemoe in the US military and wouldn't be speaking on behave of anyone in the military. The couple would be living on a US post.An example would be a husband of a soldier protests with a group of locals in Germany, against violence commited by US troops in that country.I'm just asking a question. I'm not trying to get your opinion on whether or not I should take part in anything.It certainly doesn't mean I don't support the troops or my husband. There are things going on here (protests being held my locals off base that have to do with how careless a group is being with live ammunition within only a few meters of local civilians). Whether I'm married to a man in the military or not doesn't mean I should live to please him, but it also doesn't mean I act careless either. I wouldn't be doing anything to disrespect him or put him in a bad light. I wouldn't be arrested because I wouldn't be doing anything wrong. When is voicing a concern wrong? I do feel sorry for women who live their lives under the label of their husbands though.I can support my husband and support my beliefs as well. If I did indeed take part in this protest that would be off base DOES NOT MEAN I DON'T SUPPORT THE TROOPS OR HUSBAND.I WOULDN'T BE PROTESTING AMERICA! The protest has to do with live ammunition being used carelessly a small distance from locals. I can be against something my country does without being against the it.


Does anyone else think it's funny that the maijroty of Obama supporters know nothing about the details of his policies? A large percentage of liberals, particularly in this campaign insist that Senator Obama is a better candidate but fail to explain why other than a typical response like he is young, charismatic and fresh . Aside from emotional appeal, I rarely hear anything in regards to the details of his national health care plan. What is Obamab4s policy towards the war? He says removal of troops after 6 months but have you asked yourself how many?What is Obamab4s border policy? What is his stance on the patriot act? What is his stance regarding CO2 emissions and global warming? What's his policy regarding Iran and the possibility of them getting a nuke? Let's not forget how he affiliates himself with a church that preaches hate and condemns America. I would rather have an athesist for President than a man that participates in a church that preaches hate.

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