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August 05, 2007


Andrea Pokladowski

Wonderful writing - and spectacular pictures - about the trip of a lifetime! I LOVED the shot of the red-haired lad and the red beast in the field: priceless!

James Frovarp

Looks like the first week was a blast...Hope the second week goes as well. Remember most people don't get this opportunity, and thank all that helped you to get there. See you all when you get back. Josh and Matt sure liked seeing you in those kilts....

John Henri

Nice article, kiddo!


Ana AmourNicely colored. And the title you have choesn is really cool as well. I didn't notice right away that the place behind the guys is called the office , I just thought the streets are your office, as a photographer. 13 Jul ’09, 11:34 am


Hello I am the Curator of Rydal Mount and Google alert has notified me of your aclrite about your visit to the Lake District and I would like to thank you for your positive mention of Wordsworth home.May I also point out that this was his last home from 1813 to his death in 1850. Also really enjoyed your images.Best Regards Peter ElkingtonCuratorRydal Mount & Gardens.

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