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July 31, 2007



Jim Jim,
I see you are all having a good time eating what you do best :)

Ti Amo baby... have fun tell everyone I said hello MISS YOU ALREADY.

Take care,
Mom & Dixie


Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great time. Mikey, sorry we missed your call. Keep smiling!
Mom & Dad


If you read this, your world phone is not working. It goes right into voicemail. We hope you are having a good time.


Alex N

We got your call from MCI try us again when you get a chance. We hope your have a great time

Love Mom,Dad and eve your brother

Pam & Mark

Hi Alex N: We miss you terribly! I can see you are having a great time by reading the info left on the website. Your comments posted on 8/2/ did not come out. I think you tried to call the other night but we were at Auntie Caroles. Try tonight, I'll be home. You can call anytime even in the morning. Remember you are 6 hours ahead of our time. I put money in your account. Kilo misses you too! Enjoy your trip! Buy me a present!! :) :) Kisses & Hugs, Love Mom, Dad, Michael, Kilo & Kittie

Pam & Mark

Alex N: PS: Take lots of pictures!!

Mom & Dad Ritter

Hi Randy ! the website is great !!!! looks like you are having a great time.


Message for Mr. Bill: Wash your socks.

From DW and Walt T. (in from Wyoming)

Anne - Grammy

Enjoying the day by day report. To C4 - hope her shirt


Great website. Neat pics. Tyler & Chuck, love those kilts!! Did Dad get one too?! Enjoy your trip!


Hi Alex,We didn't have time to get that into the app, but we will stream the radio using Shoutcast which I belivee also have an app to make it possible to stream using the app. It will also be possible to listen, if you are on-site, on 94.5 Mhz./Marcus


Thanks to all EIS and volontary pepole for this fantastic Jamboree. I'm only parent of a french girl who participate with many joy, she like everything but what about all those pepole who are scouts and steal in the shops and also in the tents of other, and at the ceremonies behind the owner Are they really SCOUTS ? A uniform shirt is not expansive but it's full of memories it's not for the money, it's for the act of steal, where is the respect of others ,part of scout law said by Baden Powell ??? Many thanks for all the rest, all activities, ceremonies, meetings, and so on .

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