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February 18, 2006



No, I donated money to two difeerfnt organizations. One was the Scout Troop, the other was the Young Women. I figure if the troop deserves some of my cash then the YW deserves the same amount, right? Maybe they should get more as they don't come to my house and ask for it.I have very mixed feelings about the BSA. I enjoyed my own experience in Scouts, felt that I was treated badly as a BSA employee, got a great scholarship from them, and now marvel at the salaries. I also think that their blanket discrimination against gays is ridiculous, to the point where it goes above and beyond what the LDS Church does. The BSA, if it desires to do so, can address the issues with executive pay and bigotry. At that point I will reconsider participation in Friends of Scouting, but the money still won't go to the local troop.

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